GOG Isn’t After Exclusivity like the Epic Games Store

Good Girl GOG, Bad Boy Epic Games Store

Global Communications Manager of Good Old Games, Marcin Traczyk spoke to PCGamesN about their business model and whether or not the company will follow Epic Games’ example of buying several exclusives. GOG wants to focus on what makes them unique rather than forcing gamers to use their service to play a specific game. The company discovered apparently exclusives don’t work for them like they do for Epic Games when they released Thronebreaker exclusively on their platform as it limited the games’ potential.

GOG game streaming

“We always welcome competition and as with every business, we are adapting on the go to the market situation, but at the same time with the solutions that we’re offering, we’re giving players the ability to choose,” said Marcin Traczyk. Recently GOG discovered with the pre-orders of Cyberpunk 2077 on their platform that offering incentive and communicating the benefits of buying on their platform over Steam, Epic Games Store, etc. was key to success. This focus on communication led one-third of PC gamers who pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 to do so on GOG. “We were very happy to see how people reacted to our message, how people shared and the amount of recommendations that appeared from people convincing their friends to buy on GOG,” said Marcin Traczyk. “That was super exciting for us and we were very happy and proud that people believed in us so much.”

Apparently community-built integration with services like Epic and Steam have combined with the official integration of Microsoft accounts in GOG Galaxy 2.0 which allows gamers to collect all of their digital titles in one place. Though Steam has had this feature for several years, it’s an advantage the company has over the Epic Games Store and GOG intends to work with Epic to make it an official feature. Should the two companies work together in this aspect, both could benefit and gamers that use their platforms would benefit from being able to compare achievements, results and times with all of their PC gaming friends.

What are some games you needed to go through Epic Games for? Do you prefer when companies like GOG don’t buy up exclusives or do you think the Epic Games Store needed exclusives to establish their storefront? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt