The Epic Games Store Finally Gets Cloud Saves

Two Games on the Epic Games Store Get Cloud Saving

The Epic Games Store’s feature roadmap for this year promised cloud saving and it seems like that promise has been fulfilled. According to a Epic Games representative on Reddit, two games on the store now have cloud saving.

Epic Games Store

“Moonlighter and This War of Mine support cloud saves,” the representative said. “Support for cloud saves will be coming to additional games soon.”

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted on Thursday that his team has “a bit more work to do before rolling [cloud saves] out more widely.” When he was asked by a Twitter user about the process of enabling cloud saves for games, Sweeney replied, “It’s a manual process for the store team per game but it usually doesn’t require developers to update their games.”

What do you think of this new cloud saving feature? Which games on the Epic Games Store do you think should get cloud saving next? Which feature on the roadmap should be implemented next? Do you think that the store is finally a true rival for Steam or is there more work that needs to be done?

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