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Who are we you ask?

Trevor Houston Co-Founder and Executive Editor – Co-founder of COGconnected, Trevor has been covering the video game industry since 2006. As one of the original founders of COG, Trevor can be seen daily doing all things that make COGconnected one of Canada’s top independent video game websites. Trevor has a tenacious passion for the industry and is relentless in his desire to produce engaging content for readers to enjoy. You can follow Trevor on Twitter @Bringer_of_COG.

Alex Everatt – General Manager – Alex has been gaming since he first got his hands on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986. He’s a huge fan of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, including Super Mario, Metroid, Pikmin, and Zelda. He also has a love for first-person shooters, such as the Wolfenstein, Doom, Halo and Call of Duty franchises – but his favourite FPS will always be Duke Nukem 3D. You’ll find him gaming on his Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 5. Follow Alex on Twitter: @alex_everatt.

Paul Sullivan – Executive Editor & Video Producer – A gamer, writer, and people manager, Paul originally learned to read to (try and) understand what to do in Final Fantasy on the NES. Paul plays it all, and wants to talk to you even when your opinion is dead wrong. He’s unable to resist clever wordplay, but has mixed feelings on Vogon poetry. Paul can be found neck deep in emails or on Twitter as @yvr_paul.

James Paley – Executive Editor -James is a university graduate who dreams of having a real job of his own one day. When he’s not playing or writing about video games, he writes terrible poetry and watches entirely too much anime. Follow him on Twitter: @JamesPaley.

Erin Castillo – Associate Editor – Working in the criminal justice field by day and being a crazy cat lady by night Erin still enjoys spending her extra free time consuming geek and pop culture. From video games to movies and from books to the occasional anime or Netflix binge, there are never enough hours in the day for it all. Erin has been playing video games on various platforms/consoles for over 15 years and has found a home here at COGconnected where she helps train new staff and does a lot of the behind the scenes magic. She’s willing to play almost anything but spends most of her time playing open world RPGs, puzzle and strategy games, and first-person shooters. Follow Erin on Twitter: @Msdice26.

Garrett DrakeVideo Producer – With a passion for storytelling, filmmaking, and video games, Garrett spends his days running live sound, producing gaming videos, and podcasting with his best friends. He predominantly enjoys RPGs, loves arena shooters, and occasionally partakes in brutally competitive matches of FIFA. He can regularly be found at the movies or the always delectable, Taco Bell.

Patrick Anderson Content Editor & Staff Trainer – Patrick first got hooked on video games while playing Lode Runner on the Commodore 64. Since then, he has balanced his love of gaming with his other interests, including writing, sports and obsessively polishing his iPhone’s screen. Patrick’s involvement with COG involves submitting news, writing reviews, attending events, and desperately defending his purchase of a PlayStation TV to anyone who will listen. Twitter @patrickcognews

Thi Chao Staff Writer & Cosplay Features Editor – This one of COGconnected’s veterans. She has been writing with COG since early 2016 and has produced over 130 articles for the site. You can catch her posting deals and cosplay articles on the weekends, in addition to her written reviews.

Rhett Waselenchuk – Content Editor -A graduate of the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts, there is no greater passion in Rhett’s life than writing and performing. Rhett has been gaming since the early 90s, but it wasn’t until he broke his first neck in Metal Gear Solid, that he knew there was no turning back. Listen to Rhett talk smack on COGconnected’s own Press X to Podcast, or show him some love on Twitter @RhettCOGconnect.

Jaz Sagoo – Content Editor – As a lifelong gamer, Jaz has devoured pretty much every console since the NES. However, it was one faithful day in 1998 that changed his life. Combing both his love for film and video games, Metal Gear Solid released and from that day, he joined the ranks at Foxhound. Nowadays, he enjoys writing about video games, reading way too many comics and watching professional wrestling. Follow him on Twitter: @Jaz_Sagoo

Mark SteighnerContent Editor – By day, Mark is a composer, conductor, playwright and musician…but for the past 20+ years, he has pursued his not terribly secret identity as games journalist. He was co-producer of one of the OG games podcasts in the early 2000s, Eat My Bomb (for GamersHell). Twitter: @Mizithra

Zane WongNews Editor – Zane has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Drama in Education & Community and Bachelor’s of Education from University of Windsor. At COGconnected, he teaches the world about the going-ons in the gamingsphere and all its branches. As the self-proclaimed People’s Gamer, he can be found hunting Achievements in all variety of games. Check out his news, gamer-thoughts, and brave opinions on Twitter @ZaneWongThe1st

Nicola KapronNews Editor – Nicola grew up isolated from video games until she found an old Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokémon Crystal at a garage sale. She has never been the same. When she’s not writing about video games, she’s writing short stories, trying to write a novel, or procrastinating indefinitely on theoretical indie game projects. Follow her on Twitter: @CatSquishie

Stephanie SungStaff Contributor – Stephanie is either at work or playing RPGs in bed, there is no in-between. She likes to talk about her dog and other uninteresting things – maybe that’s why she only has two friends. You are more than welcome to become her third friend and give her a follow on Twitter @saibbys

Lillian King Staff Contributor – Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Lillian’s first console was an original Xbox that her mother commandeered to sing karaoke. This didn’t stop her from dipping into the 2003 game adaptation of The Hobbit, which caused an ongoing spiral that frequently results with more consoles than she knows what to do with. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, she uses her degree in creative writing to write unmarketable anime poetry and, more excitingly, reviews for COG.

Doug Mercer – Staff Contributor – A writer, reviewer, film buff, gamer and comic lover Doug balances the things that got him beat up in school with also loving hockey, football and MMA. He will play anything, but leans more towards RPG’s or third person adventure games (is this even the proper term for Uncharted and GoW and such?) as well as daring anyone to take him on in movie trivia.

Michael Chow Staff Contributor – Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and is working towards his Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. Though enjoying most forms of media, Michael has gravitated towards video games for as long as he remembers. Most of his gaming is done on the PS4, but he enjoys games on all platforms. You can follow Michael on Twitter: @machow91.

Jake Hill Staff Contributor – One faithful day in 1998, Jake started a game of Final Fantasy 7. Hundreds of hours of gameplay, and decades later, he’s still mining the depths of dense RPGs, but he’s also moved on to tactical and real-time strategy. He’s also gotten pretty into Overwatch, but he hasn’t gotten any good at it. Check him out on Twitter @Rambling_Moose

Tony BaeStaff Contributor – Having grown up in South Korea, the esports capital of the world, Tony was enraptured by competitive gaming from a young age. That passion led him to casting and analyzing for a variety of games including DotA2, LoL, and Hearthstone. When he isn’t talking or writing about video games, Tony is probably working on publishing his next short story.

Lou Systma Staff Contributor -Do you know about Pong? Well… I invented it. No, not really! But… I was around when it came out and blew me away. That heady feeling of excitement has carried on today with not just video games but all media – books, music, movies etc. These are exciting times as all these art forms draw closer and closer together to create more and more engrossing stories. I feel very lucky and grateful to be part of the COG Team and provide a baby boomer’s perspective on the state of gaming. It feeds my inner child! Follow me on Twitter: @LouWSytsma

Stephan AdamusStaff Contributor – Stephan has an English degree from Simon Fraser University, works at Science World in Vancouver, is a homeschool instructor, and an editor. He’s a 36 year old guy, who grew up playing lots of Nintendo and Super Nintendo, but seriously got into videogames after Santa brought him a PS1 and a copy of Final Fantasy VII in 1998. He’s a JRPG, Adventure, Action, and Platformer kinda game player, who now collects retro games with a mighty passion! He also loves the metal, and hopes to bring a retro review perspective to the COGconnected PlayStation and Nintendo community.

We score our reviews using the following scale:
  • 100: Masterpiece
  • 90-99: Brilliant
  • 80-89: Great
  • 70-79: Good
  • 60-69: Decent
  • 50-59: Mediocre
  • 40-49: Flawed
  • 30-39: Bad
  • 20-29: Real Bad
  • 10-19: Horrible
  • <10: Irredeemable