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Floor 13: Deep State Review – Stuck In The Elevator

Floor 13: Deep State is a deep work simulator that puts you in the director’s seat of a spy operation. You are not in the action, but you make all the decisions. Who to surveil, who to interrogate, who to kill. The layer of separation pushes you along a path of moral ambiguity for the sake of safety. Was it worth it?

Demon’s Souls Remake Has a New Secret Door

Demon’s Souls Remake is certainly amazing, and some people have even called it “faithful to a fault”. However, it seems like not everything is as it was before, as a discovery of a new secret door has sparked a whole new mystery for the players to solve.

Starcraft II Will No Longer Have Paid Content Updates

Looks like time’s finally running out for the historic Starcraft franchise. Recently Blizzard has made the announcement that they are no longer going to be providing any paid content updates for the game, effectively shutting down any major development for the game’s future.