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Nioh 2: Complete Edition Review – Worth the Wait

Nioh 2 is finally on PC in glorious 60+ FPS. Was it worth the wait? We think so. With every system from the original improved upon, Nioh 2 is the perfect game for a souls-like fan who loves complex mechanics. The addition of amazing customization options is just the cherry on top.

Floor 13: Deep State Review – Stuck In The Elevator

Floor 13: Deep State is a deep work simulator that puts you in the director’s seat of a spy operation. You are not in the action, but you make all the decisions. Who to surveil, who to interrogate, who to kill. The layer of separation pushes you along a path of moral ambiguity for the sake of safety. Was it worth it?

Demon’s Souls Remake Has a New Secret Door

Demon’s Souls Remake is certainly amazing, and some people have even called it “faithful to a fault”. However, it seems like not everything is as it was before, as a discovery of a new secret door has sparked a whole new mystery for the players to solve.