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Days Gone (PC) Review – Perfectly Average

Days Gone is finally on PC! The open-world zombie survival game faced plenty of bugs and technical limitations on the PlayStation 4, but does the PC port manage to fix these problems to help it unlock its full potential?

Demon Skin Review – Not a Souls-Like

Don’t be fooled, no matter what the marketing says, Demon Skin is no souls-like. However, this indie hack & slash title seems to take pride in its difficulty which hardcore gamers will love. The question is, how well crafted is that difficulty?

Before Your Eyes Review – Blink Your Way Through Tears

In this innovative game, you control the pace of the story with your eyelids! As your life flashes before your eyes, as long as you don’t blink, you can stay with it. If you are looking for a unique storytelling experience seen nowhere else, it’s time to get your webcam ready.

Nioh 2: Complete Edition Review – Worth the Wait

Nioh 2 is finally on PC in glorious 60+ FPS. Was it worth the wait? We think so. With every system from the original improved upon, Nioh 2 is the perfect game for a souls-like fan who loves complex mechanics. The addition of amazing customization options is just the cherry on top.