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Star Citizen: Over 30K Users Are Playing Daily In Alpha

The creator of Star Citizen has broken his silence yesterday on the forums to defend his game, which has been in development for over twelve years after a crowdfunding project that has raised over US$300 million today. He released some numbers from the closed alpha of the game, new information for the public.

Ghost of Tsushima Devs On Representing Japan Accurately

Trying to represent something from a culture you are not a part of is always nerve-wracking, especially in today’s expectation of respectful representation. During PAX the producer of Ghost of Tsushima revealed some intimate details about achieving their own process.

Warsaw Finally Coming to PS4 on September 29

Warsaw, the tactics game based on the Warsaw Uprising from WWII is finally hitting the PlayStation 4 on September 29th! The game has received a lot of contents updates since the release, so if you’ve been waiting for it on PS, this is finally your time!