Loop Hero Video Preview – An Infinite Adventure

Devolver Digital has built a reputation for publishing creative, engaging, and often ingenious titles. So when Loop Hero, a roguelike adventure, was announced, we were more than a little excited to get our hands on it; however, we weren’t prepared for the addictive onslaught at hand.

The Ten Best Games of 2020

In an unprecedented year, many of us turned to video games whilst stuck indoors. Not only did this help us escape from the harsh reality of COVID-19. Although 2020 has been abysmal, we have been treated with some extraordinary games, so we here at COGconnected have ranked the top 10 games of 2020!

Best Game of 2020: The Deliberations

James, Paul, and Rhett are back with a brand-new episode of Press X to Podcast. Although we all want to forget about the calamity of 2020, the onslaught of amazing games we were treated to during the year will remain with us for a long time. Due to this, the guys discuss their views on the best games of 2020.

The Most Disappointing Video Games of 2020

As we live in a time when games are announced years in advance, it’s only natural for players to expect something great when a sought-after title eventually releases. However, in typical 2020 fashion, a bunch of games that we were excited about turned out to be pretty shit. Join us as we look at the most disappointing games of 2020.

These 2020 Games Can Just Go Get F***ed

In a year that was engulfed by Covid-19, some games helped people that were stuck indoors by allowing them to get lost in unique worlds with a plethora of content. However, some games came out half-baked, filled with microtransactions, and/or lacking quality to which we say, “those games can get f***ked!”

Ten Best Looking Games of 2020

Games never fail to amaze and astound players with their attention to detail and sheer beauty. Whether you’re swinging through the streets of New York or slaying demonic beats in Boletaria, games have never looked this good. With an array of games that have pushed last-gen consoles to their limit and other titles that have given us a glimmer into the future, we here at COGconnected have decided to rank the best looking games of 2020!