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Dan Rises to the Top in Street Fighter V – Gameplay Video

Long considered a joke in the Street Fighter franchise, Dan has gained a cult following and slowly become an icon in the series. To the delight of fans around the world, Dan was announced as the first character of season five and is now available to play in Street Fighter V. Join us as we take a deep dive into his cowardly Shotokan-style in our gameplay video!

Will Gotham Knights Succeed Where Marvel’s Avengers Failed?

For years, fans of the DC universe have been pining for another entry in the Arkham series. With several hints about a new game, Warner Bros. Interactive dropped the trailer for Gotham Knights, a co-op RPG adventure featuring the Dark Knight’s supporting cast in the lead role. Following a seemingly similar format to the mediocre Marvel’s Avengers, can Gotham Knights learn from the mistakes of their rival?

Which Video Games Could Hit 2021? Our Predictions

2021 is here and we know next to nothing about what we are going to be playing this year! Due to the abomination that was 2020, most developers are keeping their games under wraps in case of delays. So due to this, the COGconnected gang have decided to stick their neck on the line and predict what we’ll be playing in 2021.