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Guilty Gear Strive Review – Absolutely Jaw-Dropping

Arc System Works is renowned for being one of the greatest developers in the fighting genre. Although Guilty Gear has a strong cult following, the franchise has never managed to replicate the success of its peers. Looking to change that is Guilty Gear Strive, the most accessible release to date.

Game Builder Garage Review – Powerful and Accessible

The notion of creating a video game is tantalizing and has gripped gamers for an age. With a gap in the market, developers have been experimenting with controller-based creation suites. Although Nintendo has flirted with the concept, Game Builder Garage is their first release to give complete control to the player.

A Ton of Razer Gear Is on Sale Now!

We all know that E3 is going to blow it out of the park this year. So, is it time to upgrade your accessories so you can play these games in style? Is that mouse a little tatty? Is your keyboard covered in crumbs? Well, don’t worry as we here at COGconnected have got you covered.

Mighty Goose Review – Lock, Stock and Honk

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some wear scars that act as permanent reminders of the anguish that they’ve endured whilst others embody the ideology of heroism through their physique and mannerisms. Okay, Mighty Goose may not be your typical protagonist with his gormless, thousand-mile stare, but this bad-ass bird is a force to be reckoned with.

Biomutant Review – Rough Around The Fur

Originally announced in 2017, Biomutant instantly captured the hearts of gamers due to its incredible art direction that combined a rich post-apocalyptic world with bad-ass anthropomorphic animals. Packed with originality, can this madcap collection of ideas fuse to create a truly remarkable experience?

Flowing Lights Review – Arcade Bullet-Hell Fun

Retro-inspired games have become common practice in the industry. For years, developers have tried to capture the magic of arcade titles in various methods yet only a few have been successful. Locked and loaded, Flowing Lights is looking to re-imagine the classic arcade shooter but will it hit the mark?