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Everhood Review – Undertale Meets Guitar Hero

Many games follow tried and tested methods that echo titles that have inspired them, however, some games take inspiration from opposite ends of the spectrum in order to create a unique and innovative experience. Everhood’s influences are clear: a portion of Undertale, a dash of Guitar Hero, topped with a sprinkle of Ikaruga but will this experimental recipe prove to be a mouth-watering combination?

Capcom Arcade Stadium Review – Celebrating the Classics

There are plenty of retro compilations currently available on the Nintendo Switch and due to this, gamers may have turned a blind eye to the recently released Capcom Arcade Stadium, however, this celebration of classics from yesteryear is the definitive Capcom collection and a must for any retro enthusiast.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection Review – Death is Inevitable

The brave and fearless knight, Sir Arthur, is back to fend off ghoulish creatures who dare step in his way. Reimagining its legendary predecessors, Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection continues its legacy in this brutal action platformer. Armed with an array of visceral weapons and sporting his iconic polka dot boxer shorts, will you be able to guide the nobleman through this deadly onslaught?

Show Your Gaming Set Up Some Love This Valentine’s Day

It’s the time of year where we treat the ones we love with gifts and tokens of affection. Due to Covid-19, many of us have either seen too little or let’s face it, too much of the ones we love so why not give a bit of TLC to the other love in our life this Valentine’s Day? Garnish your gaming set-up with these mouth-watering, heart-pounding gaming accessory deals!

Blue Fire Review – Rekindling Flames of the Past

Titles like Zelda inspired the art of adventure whilst others such as Dark Souls showed innovation with its core gameplay loop. Blue Fire, a 3D platforming adventure, clearly wears its influences on its tunic sleeve, however, can this amalgamation of familiar elements combine to be a masterful entity?

Little Nightmares II Review – Perfectly Grotesque

Burrowed deep inside the human psyche dwells the morbid curiosities that infest the essence of Little Nightmares II. Following in the skittish footsteps of its predecessor, Tarsier Studios have delved into the deliciously grotesque to bring us an amalgamation of the macabre that will fester in your subconsciousness for years to come.