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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Review – The Murder Castle

The Dark Pictures Anthology delves into psychological fears to tell truly terrifying tales. With each release, Supermassive Games refine and develop its craft and aims to conclude season one with its most ambitious title to date but will The Devil in Me be a divine experience or a sinful exploration of the macabre?

Ranking the God of War Games

Kratos has been on a rampage, killing Gods in epic battles since 2005. With each release managing to offer high-octane action, I explore each God of War title and rank every adventure from his journey to Olympus to his Norse tales of fatherhood.

The First 15 Minutes of God of War Ragnarök Are Spectacular

The first portion of a game is of the utmost importance. It sets up the premise and introduces gameplay elements to give insight into the upcoming adventure. While some ease you in, others brutalize you with intense action sequences. God of War Ragnarök looks to do both in its epic opening 15 minutes.