10 Xbox Exclusives That Deserve a PlayStation Release

Should These Xbox Exclusives Get a PlayStation Release?

Microsoft’s current ambiguity about the future of the Xbox has put the brand in an unusual position. While they’ve acquired a host of talented developers to produce exclusive titles aimed at elevating the system, they are also exploring partnerships to release games on both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. Regardless of the path they choose, many fantastic games would thrive if released on the PlayStation. So, here are ten titles that should make the leap.

Gears of War

A legendary release in the third-person shooter genre, Gears of War inspired a generation of games. With its visceral combat and heavy gunplay, it was an instant hit, bringing players together for intense warfare. Not only was the campaign a cinematic adventure with some incredible set pieces but it also features some of the best online modes. In addition to traditional PvP, the series includes arguably the best Horde Mode. The mix of iconic weapons, range of enemy types and huge bosses creates an intense co-op experience that would excel on the PlayStation.


There was a time when the very idea of Sonic being on a Nintendo console would have blown the minds of Sega fans. Now, there are even games that see the mascots team up in sporting events! Well, although a tough pill to swallow for Xbox fans, placing Master Chief’s odyssey on the rival platform would do wonders for the player base. With the latest title in the franchise underperforming, porting the exclusive to the PlayStation would be a great way to reignite interest and get the world talking about Halo.

Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac Games is a cornerstone of PlayStation Studios. With epic titles like Spider-Man and Rachet & Clank in their portfolio, they have proven on countless occasions that they are a formidable force in the industry. While most of their games were exclusive to the PlayStation, they did one for Microsoft and it’s an overlooked gem. Sunset Overdrive features an incredible parkour system which laid the foundation for their Spidey games. With its distinct art direction and patented humor, this deserves another shot on a different platform.


With its rich history, there is hype surrounding the release of the new Fable game. The latest trailer absolutely nails the humor and sets up an exciting-looking adventure that is sure to be a strange and hilarious journey. Although a flagship title on the platform and possibly one that entices players to the Xbox, releasing the original trilogy on the PlayStation would increase interest in the upcoming title. Let more people fall in love with Albion to help the success of the next release.

Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment created an absolute masterpiece with Alan Wake 2. Its seamless implementation of live-action footage and gameplay helped to create a strange and wonderful experience like no other. While Quantum Break was their first foray into using live-action segments, it was disjointed compared to their latest effort. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful adventure with a strong cast which more people deserve to play.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Given that the first title was available on PlayStation, it’s logical for the sequel to be released on the same platform. With its deep dive into the human psyche, Hellblade is an intense cinematic experience and one which PlayStation fans would lap up. Since Sony focuses on single-player titles, the platform would be a natural fit for the sequel to the critically acclaimed game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Reno Air Races

Microsoft Flight Simulator

With its stunning visuals, this game would stand out on the PlayStation as there is no other game like this on the platform. Microsoft’s commitment to the IP with numerous updates and additions has helped to make this one of the best titles in the genre. While not for everyone, there is a definite market that would love to see this title fly over to the PlayStation.

Forza Horizon

Although Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo are fierce rivals that compete for the top spot of the podium for the most realistic racer, Horizon drifts down a different path due to its focus on high thrills and the open world. With no other game in its sub-genre matching the quality of the series, releasing the game on PlayStation would make great business sense for Microsoft. Should they just cash in?

The Ori Series

Already released on the Nintendo Switch, the Metroidvania action platformers are renowned as some of the greatest titles in the genre. With its luscious art direction and responsive controls, each moment is an absolute joy. As the games are already in the wild, why not place them on the PlayStation so that more people can experience this amazing piece of art?


Let’s face it, Starfield failed to meet expectations. Although Bethesda is still working on it, releasing patches to improve performance, many Xbox players have already checked out. So, what better way to re-establish itself than releasing on a new platform? Microsoft should let this be Sony’s big holiday game and then sit back and reap the benefits.

There you have it. Those are the Xbox exclusives that I believe deserve a PlayStation release. What are your thoughts? Should Killer Instinct replace one of these? How about a different game? What do you think the chances are of any of these getting a release on a Sony console? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for more great video game content.

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