Little Nightmares II Video Review – Deliciously Morbid

Whether you explore film, television, or video games, the horror genre is probably the most inconsistent category. Some creators rely on cheap jump scares with harsh sounds to warrant a reaction, whereas others masterfully create moments of suspense through sequences drenched in atmosphere and fragility. Following in the skittish footsteps of its predecessor, can Little Nightmares II reach the pinnacle of the genre?

Gods Will Fall Video Review – Falling Short

In a genre that has become massively overcrowded, it takes something special to climb above the competition and reach the summit of the roguelike genre. With Hades successfully damning competitors to hell, Gods Will Fall is hoping to slay the God of the underworld and take its place on the throne.

Olija Video Review – A Swashbuckling Adventure!

Set in a unique world, Olija is a puzzle-platforming adventure by Skeleton Crew Studios. Shipwrecked and trapped in the mysterious Terraphage, you take control of Faraday as you attempt to escape the wretched country and return home. Armed with the legendary Harpoon, will you be able to escape to the dreaded seas?