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Kept you waiting, huh? Paul is fanatical about games, sports, and health, and is an ardent supporter of the oxford comma. He waxes poetic on Twitter @yvr_paul.

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I’m Worried About Gears 5

The Gears of War franchise has done a lot for the Xbox brand and video games in general. Where would we be without stop and pop, or the roadie run? I’m as big a fan of horde mode as anyone, but I’ve got to say: I’m really worried about Gears 5.

John Wick Hex Made Me Go “Whoa”

It’s only a few years old, but John Wick already has cult classic status. Starring Mr. Hollywood Do-No-Wrong Keanu Reeves, whose star power continues to grow, Wick weaves breathtaking violence with brutal, savage choreography. In short, it screams to be a video game. Now, it is, in John Wick Hex.