Stephan Adamus

Stephan has an English degree from Simon Fraser University, and is the On The Road Team Leader & Coordinator for Science World, a homeschool instructor, and an editor. He’s a 31 year old guy from the greater Vancouver area, who grew up playing lots of Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. Stephan seriously got into playing videogames after Santa brought him a PS1 and a copy of Final Fantasy VII in 1998. He’s an RPG, Adventure, Action, and Platformer kinda game player, who now collects retro Nintendo and PlayStation games with a mighty passion! He also loves the metal, and hopes to bring a retro review perspective to the COGconnected community.

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Ultra Age Review – Devil May Age

Ultra Age’s third person action gameplay is fun and tight. It’s very Devil May Cry, with its giant sword swinging, but instead of guns, Age has something close to Scorpion’s “get over here” rope from Mortal Kombat.