Lou Sytsma

Do you know about Pong? Well… I invented it. No, not really! But… I was around when it came out and blew me away. That heady feeling of excitement has carried on today with not just video games but all media - books, music, movies etc. These are exciting times as all these art forms draw closer and closer together to create more and more engrossing stories. I feel very lucky and grateful to be part of the COG Team and provide a baby boomer’s perspective on the state of gaming. It feeds my inner child!

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Paper Beast Review – A Contemplative, Immersive Experience

Paper Beast is a simulation by Another World creator Eric Chahi that takes you through different settings with a menagerie of origami creatures. It’s more an experience than a game, and it’s very akin to kicking back, chilling out, and listening to a Pink Floyd album that leaves you in a contemplative state of mind.