Return Alive Launches Today on the Epic Games Store

Can You Return Alive?

The leading video game developer and publisher KOG Games has officially launched their latest title Return Alive for PC via The Epic Games Store. The game promises a new universe in the looter shooter genre with an isometric view and various weapons. It was previewed through a cinematic trailer earlier on March 26, 2024, and you can take a look right below.

Return Alive takes place in an apocalyptic world where a cataclysmic war between two highly advanced civilizations left everything in ruins. An extremely toxic gas called the “Black Fog” used during the war has consumed most of the land. And humanity is forced to retreat underground or into the highlands where resources are scarce.

So, there are mercenaries for hire to gather the resources in the abandoned lands consumed by the Black Fog. The mercenaries must gather as many resources as possible while contesting for survival against the fog, mutated monsters, and other mercenaries. And ultimately come back home alive.

The game underwent different changes from the last closed beta test. The developers have added new battlegrounds called Abandoned Harbor and Desolate Desert. There is a total of 42 weapons that allow a variety of customizable combat. A total of 15 players will enter the battleground in groups of 3 to take part in the struggle for resources against each other and the monstrosities.

It also features an RPG-like experience that allows players to enhance themselves and their equipment. There is an in-game roadmap that will help them creatively use 2 weapons in synergy to create their build. There are content adjustments as well that focus more on player interaction rather than repetitive work, enhancing the overall experience.

Not only that, there are a variety of bonuses and rewards to celebrate its official release. The official discord server will provide various coupons that may contain Epic Battlesuits, Emotes, and Emojis.