Pixel Gun 3D – PC Edition Is Out Now on Steam

Let’s Start the Blast in Pixel Gun 3D

Cubic Games Studio has announced that Pixel Gun 3D – PC Edition is now available on PC via Steam for free. Yes, the super hit Android and iOS game with over 200M downloads on Google Play and the App Store has finally arrived on PC. This version comes with colorful, accessible, high-speed F2P action, compatible with almost all specifications. Take a look at the launch trailer below.

Pixel Gun 3D features intense first and third-person action with dozens of game modes, and has everything an action fan could ask for. It has a challenging story mode with dozens of stages, a hundred-player battle royale mode, and dozens of minigames. As well as ranked tournaments, classic deathmatches, team battles, and more.

Not only that, the game plays out as an expressive sandbox as well. Players can assemble their character from a wide range of official skins, or even design their own according to their wishes. There is a huge collection of accessories such as capes, pets, armor, and over 1500 weapons to collect and upgrade.

Of course, this PC version supports full cross-platform multiplayer, allowing players to battle each other from different platforms. To make things better, it is enhanced with zero ads, enhanced graphics, and finely tuned mouse and keyboard controls. Additionally, the Steam Deck certification is in progress and it will be confirmed soon.

So, are you excited to blast your friends in style in this mega-hit action shooter game?