Rusty’s Retirement Will Start Farming on Steam This Month

Relax and Chill in Rusty’s Retirement

The small indie game studio Mister Morris Games has announced the release date for its upcoming title Rusty’s Retirement. It will be coming out on PC via Steam on 26 April 2024. You can put it on your wish list right now to get instant access when it officially launches. Moreover, take a look at the release date trailer below to get a glimpse of the game.

Rusty’s Retirement is an idle farming simulator where you grow crops, produce biofuel, and automate with robots. The cool part is that the game is designed to be at the bottom of your screen. This allows you to work on other tasks while taking care of your farm.

You will plant crops and watch the beloved character Rusty work as he waters, nurtures, and harvests. As you progress, you will unlock new crops, such as crispy carrots and ripe tomatoes. Use these crops to produce clean and energy-efficient biofuel, which is a vital power source for robots. Sell it to other machines and invest the money to expand your farm.

Utilize a squad of adorable robotic assistants for tasks such as planting, watering, and harvesting. Enhance their capabilities through customization and upgrades to optimize efficiency. So are you ready for a relaxing idle farming experience?