Anima Flux Just Received a Major Demo Update on Steam

Join the Action in Anima Flux

Prepare yourself for an amazing adventure with a major demo update in the world of, Anima Flux, the co-op Metroidvania game. Dive inside into a 2D platforming realm that promises an adrenaline-pumping journey through a desolate, dystopian space city invaded by swarms of dangerous mutants. It is coming out on PC via Steam in Q4 of 2024, so stay tuned for further news.

Anima Flux

Here is the key highlights of all the new features:

Combat System Enhancements:

– New Abilities: Characters now have new abilities from the beginning of the game to diversify combat.
– Swordsman now has the Stagger Attack – a lunging strike that stuns enemies in front of you. Stunned enemies take double the damage from your regular attacks.
– Archer’s Rebound Attack – allows you to leap backward while firing an arrow, creating a short-lived decoy that absorbs enemy attacks.
– Empowered Special Attacks: Each character now has a gauge to enhance special attacks, which is filled by meeting certain conditions.

Improved Guide System:

– No more excuses for not learning the controls! A handy guide is now available in the pause menu, providing a clear overview of the basic gameplay mechanics.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience:

– Automatic Aiming: The archer now automatically locks onto the nearest enemy, while manual aiming remains available.
– Button Buffer: Attacks, jumps, or dashes are automatically triggered after the previous action, enhancing fluidity in combat.
– Gamepad Vibration: Feel the intensity of the battle with the new gamepad vibration options, which provide subtle feedback for minor damage and stronger pulses for heavy blows or character death.
– Rage Mode Balancing: Unleash mayhem for extended periods with the rebalanced Rage Mode, which no longer stuns enemies but features a significantly longer duration and removes the previous penalty for early deactivation.

This update includes various minor fixes and improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience.