Solar Survivors Received Its First Major Demo Update

Prove Your Worth in Solar Survivors

The indie game developer and publisher BoxFox Studios has released the first major demo update version 0.5 for Solar Survivors. This update comes along with new content, general fixes, and balances on this action roguelike game.

Here are the full patch notes:

New content

– Stage 1 is back with improved level and boss design.
– The Codex loadout has been added. It focuses on EXP manipulation and triggering powerful effects on level-up. Unlock a new passive, a legendary, and equipment.
– Add more equipment to your star fighter’s motherboard with an additional, unlockable PCIe slot.


– Reduce Stage 2 from 16 to 15 minutes to align with Stage 1.
– Clearing Stage 1 or earning enough Stage EXP to reach bonus level 5 will unlock Stage 2.
– Minibosses will now become bored and will slowly walk away. The intent is to make the game easier for defensive builds and playstyles. Previously, if you don’t burst down a miniboss, it’ll stick on the screen for the rest of the time and become overwhelming. Now, they’ll eventually leave the screen but won’t drop any loot.
– Items in the shop you can’t afford are now sorted below items you can afford.


– Reduced the overall DPS of the Spread weapons, but improved the final upgrade of Spread Invert.
– Doubled the base damage of Heatseeker Omega.

About the game

Solar Survivors is an action roguelite shoot-em-up game where bullet hell meets bullet heaven. Players will become one of the elite pilots and control the ultimate space fighter. Explore various plants, all the while uncovering clever strategies and hidden synergies to take down the rebel armies and their bosses. The game features tons of weapons and unique builds, including 20 pieces of legendary loot.