Hand in Hand Will Arrive on Steam This Month

Get Ready for a Heart-Touching Story

Developer MaxMedia and publisher OverGamez have announced that their upcoming title Hand in Hand will release soon on Steam. The game will be available on the platform on 30 November. Moreover, a demo version is already out for everyone to try out.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a 2D puzzle-platformer video game with split-screen gameplay. Players can take control of the two protagonists or enjoy it with a friend in co-op mode on a single device. The story is about two soulmates, Minho and Lina, living in a fairytale world. However, evil forces invaded this world and they lost each other.

Now, Minho and Lina must embark on a journey toward each other, confronting numerous challenges and dangers along the way. Only by establishing a delicate connection between themselves and proceeding together can they overcome evil and reunite.

The game highlights how individuals can assist each other despite being apart and can feel distant even when in close proximity. It emphasizes the importance of relationships and mutual support. Yet, every narrative conceals an even deeper meaning.

Each character has their own level in a common location some areas of the level are linked together. Minho and Lina can interact and assist each other in completing the level by transferring keys and objects from one part of the screen to another. Most puzzles require both of them to work together to connect parts of the screen and solve problems together.

The game also features epic boss battles where each boss represents the world of shadows. Their main goal is to plunge this fairytale world into the horror of eternal darkness. It is up to our brave heroes to defeat them and bring back peace and prosperity.

Check out the official gameplay trailer below.