Astral Tale Will Launch Globally Next Week

Join the Adventure in Astral Tale

The wait is almost coming to an end, everyone! X-Legend Entertainment has officially announced the release date for the highly-anticipated PC MMORPG Astral Tale. The game has surpassed 1 million global pre-registrations so far and it will finally come out on 10 January.

Additionally, the development team also unveiled a detailed introduction to the powerful new class “Ninja”. This will help the players familiarize themselves with the new class before the game launches.

Astral Tale – Myth of the Stars is a massively multiplayer online game that takes place in a vast fantasy world called Astral Realm. You will embark on a journey and forge your adventure, all the while exploring beautiful landscapes. Meet fellow adventurers and head towards the horizons of the sky and the sea together.

Switch effortlessly between various classes, adapt to your mood or tactical requirements, and alter roles as needed. Discover and embrace your unique style, rekindling the initial thrill of immersive role-playing experiences. Not only that, powerful companions are waiting for your arrival too. Each one with distinctive story and charm, making your adventure more exciting.

Travel the world in a mobile cottage that will take you wherever you want. It has a three-level design and customizable interior with a diverse range of life systems. This includes greenhouse gardening, alchemy in the basement, cooking, tailoring, and many more. You can even customize the appearance of your character with a wealth of free outfits.