Small Saga Is Now Available on Steam

Let the Small Saga Begin

The indie game developer Darya Noghani’s turn-based RPG Small Saga is out on PC and Mac via Steam. You can purchase the game right now for just $17.99 USD. Moreover, a demo version is also there on the platform for everyone to try out.

Small Saga

Small Saga takes place in the medieval kingdom of rats, mice, moles, squirrels, and shrews known as Rodentia. It lies beneath the streets of London. There is only one cardinal law for the rodents to follow and it is to never attack a god.

Players will step inside the shoes of Verm, a mouse who never had much respect for this rule of law. The Yellow God of Death has stolen his tail, and now he must embark on an epic quest to get it back. Verm will fight all manner of beasts and titans, and meet rodent allies along his way.

Here are some key features of the game:

– Team up with a colorful cast of misfit rodents.
– Encounter awe-inspiring titans. Clash with a swashbuckling water vole, a pious lab rabbit, a poetry-spewing Kraken, and many more.
– Meet the hideous vermin who run society, then overthrow them.
– Brandish your tiny weapons in strategic, turn-based combat.
– There is no grinding. Small Saga is a tightly focused and boss-oriented adventure.

To build up the hype, check out the official launch trailer below.