Anima Flux Reflects on 2023, Announces May Community Demo

A Year of Developments 

A year of time provides a serious timeline for achievements. When it comes to developing a game, it may seem like a lot. Yet, in the grand scheme it really isn’t that much time. However, developers are still able to accomplish amazing things in the span 365 days gives them. Developer Anima Flux is reflecting on 2023 and the developments of their co-op Metroidvania, Anima Flux, and all it accomplished this year. Importantly, the developers, in a press release, also announced a new community demo coming to Steam in May of 2024. Of course, a press release provides insights from the team behind the game. Additionally, the press release discusses many of the events that Anima Flux attended this year. 

Anima Flux

Anima Flux itself is a co-op Metroidvania that places players in the shoes of elite soldiers. Interestingly, these soldiers will fight their way through a desolate dystopian world full of mutants in order to save humanity’s last stronghold. Of course, the game adopts a standard Metroidvania approach, yet the fact that it is co-op with two playable characters adds various new elements. For instance, the characters develop differently, adopting different skills, and strategies as the game goes on. Many fans have had the chance to explore this detailed dystopia in Anima Flux’s various appearances throughout 2023.

“As we bid farewell to this year, it’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on our journey. It’s been an incredible year filled with significant achievements and growth,” Says the studio in a press release, We’re filled with gratitude when we look at all we’ve managed to do, and we’re equally excited about what lies ahead.” 

Anima Flux has managed to appear at Nordic Games, the Tokyo Game Show, Steam Next Fest, and more. Importantly, the developer happily reflects on the year, while letting players know a new demo for the game is coming in May.

Anima Flux is set to release in Q4 of 2024. It will be available on PC via Steam.