Epic Games Next Free Title Has Leaked

Next Week’s Free Epic Games Store Title Leaked: Infinifactory Takes Center Stage

Get ready for a brain-teasing adventure as next week’s free Epic Games Store title has been leaked. Dataminer billbil-kun, a reliable source, reveals that Infinifactory, a captivating puzzle game, will be up for grabs on Epic’s PC marketplace from January 25 to February 1.

As Sail Forth concludes its stint as a free title, offering players a deep-sea exploration experience, Love steps in. Love, a minimalist platformer with an addictive edge, replaces Sail Forth until the official handover on January 25.

Infinifactory Epic Games Free Title January 2024

Infinifactory, developed by Zachtronics, the creative minds behind SpaceChem and Infiniminer, allows players to construct factories producing goods for alien overseers. The sandbox puzzle game, normally priced at $24.99 on Steam and GOG, brings an intriguing challenge to puzzle enthusiasts.

Epic Games Store’s weekly free game tradition continues to delight users, offering a diverse range of gaming experiences. Keep an eye out for the official announcement on Thursday, confirming Infinifactory’s arrival and marking the beginning of another week of free gaming. Don’t miss the chance to exercise your problem-solving skills in this engaging puzzle adventure.