Dead by Daylight Studio Reportedly Facing Layoffs

The Studio That Made Dead by Daylight Is Allegedly Facing Layoffs of Around 45 Employees

Behaviour Interactive, the studio behind the popular game Dead by Daylight, is reportedly undergoing layoffs. It’s claimed that approximately 45 employees at its Montreal headquarters have been laid off. Although the studio has not officially commented on the situation, sources indicate that multiple departments have been impacted.

The reported layoffs are part of an ongoing trend in the gaming industry, where job losses were prevalent throughout 2023. Unfortunately, it seems as though the momentum will not be slowing down into the new year. Industry expert Farhan Noor, tracking job cuts in the sector, estimates that around 10,500 employees were laid off in the games industry last year alone.

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As of now, approximately 3,000 job cuts have been reported in the early weeks of 2024. Unity, a prominent game development platform, recently declared its intention to lay off about 1,800 employees, 25% of its workforce. Additionally, Swedish video game holding company Thunderful Group announced plans to reduce its staff by 20%.

These developments underscore the challenges faced by gaming companies, with the industry experiencing significant shifts and adjustments. Layoffs can result from various factors, including restructuring for long-term competitiveness and financial considerations.

While Behaviour Interactive remains silent on the reported layoffs, such incidents highlight the need for resilience and adaptability in the gaming industry, which continues to evolve rapidly. The impact of these layoffs on Dead by Daylight’s ongoing development and support remains uncertain, but the situation reflects broader challenges within the dynamic landscape of the gaming sector.