Dead By Daylight Introduces New Survivor: Alan Wake

Alan Wake Enters the Fog 

An iconic horror icon is making his way into the realm of the Entity. No stranger to horror and dangerous situations, this horror game hero is coming straight from his lauded sequel game. Of course, this brand new survivor can be no one other than Alan Wake. Today, Behaviour Interactive is excited to announce the newest character coming to their their asymmetrical horror game, Dead By Daylight. Bringing yet another licensed character to the game, Dead By Daylight’s first PTB test of the year has revealed the titular character from Remedy Entertainment’s, Alan Wake, as the newest addition to the game’s roster. A new trailer heralds Alan Wake’s arrival to the game. 

Dead By Daylight Alan Wake

Dead By Daylight’s addition of Alan Wake is coming just on the heels of another iconic character. Of course, Chucky has been a new addition to the roster on the killer’s side of things. However, Mr. Wake is joining the fog on the survivor’s side. Wake’s introduction to the game will bring his own personal perks. Interestingly, his perks are a reflection of his own struggles from his games. As both a survivor and a fighter, Wake’s perks are made to help his team and take on any killer he may find in the fog. His perk “Champion of Light” grants him haste for shining a flashlight while hindering any killer he blinds. Additionally, his perk “Deadline” increases his productivity while injured and while lessening his penalties. Furthermore, the perk “Boon: Illumination” lets Alan and his allies see the auras of chests and gens while setting up their helpful boons faster. 

Of course, player’s can check out Dead By Daylight’s new survivor in the new trailer. Excitingly,  Matthew Porretta has recorded brand-new voicelines for Alan’s arrival to the game.

Dead By Daylight is currently available on SteamPS5PS4Xbox OneXbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.