Akka Arrh Getting Psychedelic on PSVR2

Arcade Chaos 

Arcade shooters are always hectic. The chaos is one of the main draws of the genre. However, what happens when the player gets dunked into the chaos itself? Soon gamers can find out. Today, Atari is excited to announce that Jeff Minter’s psychedelic arcade shooter, Akka Arrh, is coming to PlayStation 5 with PSVR2 in March of 2024. Introducing players to a chaotic and vibrant kaleidoscope of  bullets and action, the game allows players to participate in a challenge of fast reflexes and endurance. A launch trailer for the game gives players a good look at the trip that awaits them. 

Akka Arrh

Akka Arrh introduces players to a shooter that becomes almost trancelike as players dive into it. Combining action-based shooting and scoring systems of arcade classics, the game allows players to create massive chain through destroying enemies with a variety of weapons. In fact, the game allows players to use different combat modes to defeat enemies. For instance, if enemies get past your perimeter of bullets, players will need to beat them back in melee mode. Of course, the switch to VR will place players directly inside of this chaotic action. Importantly, the VR aspect of the game will take this retro shooter and completely immerse the player in the colors, combat, and craziness of the game. 

Importantly, players can get a better look at Akka Arrh in the release trailer from last year. Check out the trailer below.  

Akka Arrh is releasing to PlayStation 5 and PSVR2 in March of 2024. Currently the game is available on PC via SteamXbox One and Series S|XPlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.