Tribe Nation Battling the Romans With Roguelike Tactics

A Time of Celts 

Ready yourself chieftain. Your people need you. The romans are advancing across the land. It is time to meet them in battle or meet the gods as cowards. Strategic warfare, druidic wisdom, trade, crafting, and more all await one brave enough to lead. Today, Independent developer Random Worlds is happy to announce their upcoming roguelike RTS game, Tribe Nation. Introducing players to Gallic Wars era of 58-50 BC, they take on the role of a chieftain of a tribe while the Roman legions wage war. It is up to the player to tip the scales in the favor of the tribesmen. A new trailer gives players a glimpse of the wars to come. 

Tribe Nation

Tribe Nation allows players to select from different Chieftains as they lead the Gaelic tribes against the invading Roman forces.  Alongside the roots of a traditional RTS, the game also introduces the concept of permadeath. Of course, this means that failing means the destruction of your tribe. However, there is much to do to avoid this fate. Players can partake in 5-10 minute RTS battles on hex based maps. In combat, players will be responsible for managing their camp, forming up divisions of troops, and sending them to battle. Importantly, the life of the tribe persists outside of the battlefield. For instance, trade, crafting, upgrading, and story events are all a part of life while players lead the tribe. 

Of course, players can get a look at Tribe Nation in the new trailer for the game. Get a look at the RTS combat and roguelike elements in the trailer below.

Tribe Nation is currently in development and is set to release late in 2024 or early 2025. The game will release on PC via Steam.