Armor Attack Announced As KEK Entertainment’s Debut Game

Tactical Vehicular Combat

Often, veteran developers come up with some pretty awesome ideas. Especially when those developers happen to be ex-EA and Ubisoft developers. It tends to mean there is some experience there. Today, those developers under KEK Entertainment are happy to announce their debut game, Armor Attack. Inviting players to a tactical vehicle-shooter, the game allows the choice between different classes of vehicles split between three warring factions. Interestingly, the developers are bringing the game to iOS, Google Play, PC and Mac this year with console releases planned for the future. Of course, an announcement trailer provides players with a look at this metal on metal combat. 

Armor Attack

Armor Attack introduces players to a future Earth, ravaged by endless wars. Here, three different factions battle for what’s left of the planet. Importantly, the time of boots-on-the-ground soldiers seems to have passed. Now, wars are fought in massive war-machines split between different classes that aim to handle various roles on the battlefield. Yet, within these vehicle classes, players can further customize their mech. For instance, players can add different engines to scout the map faster, or deployable energy shields to protect your allies, or even a massive fire bomb to destroy the enemy. Furthermore, the maps where battles rage have changing environments, making players adapt to holding different strategic points and battling different AI controlled NPC enemies.  

Importantly, players can check out Armor Attack in the new announcement trailer. View the metal-on-metal combat raging below.

Armor Attack is releasing to iOS, Google Play, PC and Mac. Players can check out KEK Entertainment’s website here