The Epic Games Store Still Not Profitable After 5 Years

The Epic Games Store Still Not Profitable Despite Being Launched 5 Years Ago

The Epic Games Store is still struggling to turn a profit after launching 5 years ago. Despite significant investments and aggressive tactics to compete with PC gaming giant Valve’s Steam platform, it remains a loss leader for Epic Games.

Epic’s aggressive approach has included securing high-profile PC exclusives and weekly free game giveaways to attract users. Additionally, the company has offered more favourable revenue-sharing terms to developers and publishers in an attempt to lure them to its platform. However, despite these efforts, profitability continues to elude the Epic Games Store.

During the ongoing court case against Google, Epic Games Store boss Steve Allison confirmed that the platform has not yet achieved profitability. While the store hasn’t hit its financial goal, Epic remains committed to its growth trajectory.

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In the past, Epic had expressed ambitions of claiming a significant portion of the PC gaming revenue, aiming for a 50% market share. However, Steam continues to dominate the PC gaming market, boasting nearly 32 million concurrent users in January.

Epic’s quest for profitability hasn’t been without setbacks. The company recently experienced layoffs that affected hundreds of employees across Epic and its subsidiaries.

While Epic Games remains a major player in the gaming industry with titles like Fortnite, the quest for a profitable Epic Games Store continues to be a challenging endeavour in the fiercely competitive world of PC gaming.