The Gap Delves Into the Human Psyche on Epic Games Store

A Psyche Thriller 

Reality isn’t all that it seems. At least, not here anyway. Sanity is a fragile thing, and the depths of it are often confusing, terrifying, and full of secrets. Combine a rare neurological disorder with futuristic technology and reality bending and you’ve got yourself a story. Today,  LABEL THIS is happy to announce that their debut game, the psychological thriller, The Gap is out now on the Epic Games Store. Inviting players to a futuristic world where technology enables delving into the human mind, the game takes players on a reality warping and heart-wrenching story. 

The Gap

The Gap introduces players to Joshua Hayes. A neuroscientist, Hayes is committed to the understanding of the human mind. However, when his family begins suffering from a rare genetic disorder, he faces a choice: find a cure or lose them forever. His family’s memories begin to slip away and their very being begins to fade. Yet, an experimental program from a tech giant, Neuraxis, gives him the opportunity to solve the problem. Or at least on the surface. AS players delve further into the game, they will face increasingly disturbing changes to reality where they will need to question everything. In fact, they will even make you question yourself. With a gripping narrative and mind-melting atmosphere, the game is going to deliver a tale of psychological distress.

Of course, those who have yet to see The Gap on other platforms, can check it out in the release trailer for PlayStation. View the trailer below.

The Gap is out now on the Epic games Store. Additionally, players can get the game for PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.