Graven, Dark Fantasy FPS, Wields Staff Out of Early Access

Time to Get Cleansing 

A dead daughter, a corrupt order of priests, and a deteriorating world full of corruption and evil. This seems like a job for a magic staff and a priest with a vendetta to fulfill. In fact, this seems like a job for you. Today, 3D Realms, Fulqrum Publishing and  Slipgate Ironworks are happy to announce that their dark fantasy FPS, Graven, is out of Early Access. Introducing players to a grim world full of magic and corruption, the game allows players to traverse through different areas, collecting an arsenal of weapons, and blasting foes with magic. Of course, a launch trailer gives players a look at the world that awaits them. 


Graven places players in the shoes of an exiled Priest of the Orthogonal Order. After a colleague-turned-heretic sacrifices their daughter, players will embark on a mission of vengeance to cleanse the corrupt order. However, this priest has very little to his name. Only a staff and a journal. Yet, blessed by the divine, the priest wields powerful spells players can use to blast through hordes of zealots. Interestingly, the game introduces players to open-ended areas they can explore. One such area is the decrepit and rotting village of  Cruxfirth. Each area provides players with the opportunity to complete side-quests, expand their arsenal of weaponry, uncover secrets and more.

Of course, players can get a look at Graven in the new release trailer. Check out the trailer below.

Graven is out now on PC via SteamGOG, and Epic Games Store.