Epic Games Disturbed at Hostility Towards Them

Following the Launch of Ooblets, Epic Games Announces What They Think of Growing Resentment

The recent war between Epic and Steam exploded again after developers at Glumblerland who are behind Epic Games store exclusive, Ooblets made a statement about the resentment towards the Epic Games store in their press release. Epic Games made a statement in a blog post mostly agreeing with what the developers said about constant backlash from the PC gaming community when exclusives are announced, adding that they receive threats that should be taken very seriously.

Epic Games store

Epic Games has been bribing developers to exclusively appear on the Epic Games store and it has divided the PC gaming community, especially with certain crowdfunded games like Shenmue 3 being made exclusive. Epic will be refunding early investors in Shenmue 3 and remains confident that exclusives aren’t anti-consumer and that their platform should be considered competition with Steam despite lacking many of the features on Steam. Glumberland claims fans feel entitled that they’re owed the game when gamers attack them on Twitter for being exclusive while humorously adding better things to get upset about such as climate change. We empathize with both sides as nobody is entitled to a game before they invest in it but some countries don’t have a currency that’s being supported by Epic Games and are just being excluded.

Epic Games highlights the very real recent trend of online harassment where people photoshop images to match their narrative and others send death threats and other hateful themes. Further than attacking people working for Epic, this portion of PC gaming fans has also engaged in hateful behavior towards partners such as Glumberland and Deep Silver.

Surely the war between Epic and Steam is still far from over. What do you think about Epic? Do you play any games on their platform other than Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt