Ooblets’ New Trailer Shows Off Cute Character and House Customization

Ooblets Just Keeps Getting Cuter

Glumberland’s mega cute Ooblets dropped a new gameplay trailer at the PC Gaming E3 2017 press conference that gives us a peek at some of its previously-unshown mechanics such as customizing your characters and your house as well. Ooblets is an ode to Pokémon, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing with Ooblets being trainable and usable in a turn-based RPG battle. Besides that, there’s also its share of farming bliss and you can even sell the crops you’ve grown too.

The E3 2017 announcement is a victory lap for the dev, Rebecca Cordingley, who was inspired by the solo effort of Stardew Valley and quit her game dev job to go solo.


On their site, she celebrates the milestone for her new journey:

“To give you some background, just back in March of 2016, Ben (perplamps) and I were just beginning to formulate our plans for our game studio and we were figuring that there would be a long slow build-up of making little games nobody heard or cared about until maybe one of our games would spark some interest and people might start taking us seriously…

Cut to today and we’re showing our first game off at E3! Things have happened so fast we can’t really make sense of it.”

The upcoming game which is being published by Double Fine hasn’t revealed an exact release date, but it’ll be coming to Xbox One and PC in 2018.