Why the Xbox One X Could Suffer in Sales, According to Michael Pachter

Hint: It Has Something to Do with Money

Yesterday was a big show for Microsoft and a big event for the gaming world. E3 2017 kicked into full gear once the company revealed their new Xbox One X. And, speaking frankly, it appears to be a great console perfectly catered to the dedicated gamer. However, Wedbush Securities Analyst, Michael Pachter, was also present for the event. From the presentation, he gathered that Microsoft wouldn’t be getting much farther in the console war. Here’s what he had to say.

Xbox One X

First thing Pachter notes is that Microsoft’s new console actually costs the same as a PS4 and Xbox One S combined. Naturally, this leaves a dilemma for the consumer without a console. Do you purchase the new Xbox One X or two consoles at once? Not only that, but the price is incredibly high and the Xbox exclusive library just isn’t cutting it. Specifically, Pachter stated that Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 don’t seem like enough to grab buyer attention. Microsoft has been milking those names for a while now; thus, people are likely to move on to what else is coming.

And speaking of what else is coming, Pachter noted–without fail–that Microsoft showcased none of the most familiar names: FIFA, Star Wars, or Call of Duty. If Sony can take advantage of the pull behind those games in their own conference, then the Xbox One X is little more than the “tallest midget” in the industry.

While Pachter can’t deny that the Xbox One X is an ideal rig for 4K gaming, he also stated that Sony no longer has a reason to cut the price of the PS4 Pro. At $399, the Xbox One X could have given Sony a run for their money and solicited a price cut for PS4 consoles. However, since the XOX is officially the most expensive console on the market, PlayStation–and Nintendo Switch for that matter–are more likely to retain the majority of the gamer audience. Furthermore, since the hardware costs a $499 premium, Microsoft has locked out the casual audience. At least, that’s how Pachter sees it. The PS4 Pro may see a price cut anyway, thereby appealing to even more players.

Obviously, this is a discussion and not simply a subject left to one analyst. Pachter also said that the Nintendo Switch wouldn’t see success at a $299 price tag, but records say otherwise. Currently, the console which he is officially dubbing a “handheld” is flying off shelves at a consistent rate. That being said, we would like to know your thoughts.

How do you think the Xbox One X will perform in the market. Even though it’s worth more than many 4K TVs, would you purchase it for 4K gaming? Let us know! And stick around for more E3 news as it comes our way.

Happy gaming.