Indie Zelda Fox Game, Secret Legend, Renamed To Tunic

New Name; Same Isometric Charm

Finji’s Secret Legend ha been kicking around a few PAX conventions and stealing the hearts of many with its lovely voxel graphics, isometric view, and a bushy fox standing in for Link in this indie Zelda homage. The game has officially changed its name to Tunicthe reason isn’t clear yet as to why. That said, I’m all for it as the old name was a tad generic for a game with that much heart. The new one pays homage to Link’s favorite type of top. This reveal along with some gameplay footage was shown at PC Gaming’s E3 2017 press conference.

The short one-minute trailer shows us some more gameplay of the upcoming indie adventure title developed by Andrew Shouldice. Our tunic-wearing fox gets into a couple battles while some calm, soothing music plays in the background. Eventually, the furry fighter makes its way to a boss fight too. The camera is detailed more here as it swings behind the fox as it dodge-rolls around the area. Not sure if I’d get nauseous from all the camera movements, but some hands-on time would probably answer that.

The game will be coming to PC and Mac players in 2018. It is also scheduled for a release on consoles, but no official word yet on which. But, this game would certainly feel at home on the Switch, no?