Klei Announces Griftlands, A New Turn-Based Sci-Fi RPG

Griftlands Will Be a RPG Where Everything Is Negotiable

Klei, a Vancouver-baed indie studio that has been steadily making indie hits since 2005, just announced Griftlands. The game will mark the studio’s first foray into RPGs as this game will be a turn-based RPG affair. This new game retains the cartoon aesthetics that has come to define Klei in the last decade or so.

Not much is know about the title, but from the E3 2017 reveal trailer, we can extract a few details. First off, the world looks post-apocalyptic, and other races besides human reside in this world. The main character appears to be lady with a worn-down red cape; her design vibes with this world that looks a little beaten down, but still carrying a sort of upbeat attitude about it. We also get to see some other party members like a suave mustache dude and a snail-looking guy as well. Speaking of which, a giant snail also appears to be hauling the party’s inventory at one point. The trailer also showed off some of its combat, but it was hard to tell how it’d actually play out without the UI.

On its Steam page. Griftlands, is described as “an RPG where everything is negotiable: money, loyalty—even morality. Choose your character and make your fortune.” In the trailer, we see some haggling going down, and of course, it aligns with its title too. It’ll be interesting to see this mechanic helps to make the game stand out.

Beyond a PC release, there has been no mention of a console release yet, but it will be available Late 2017 / Early 2018.