Terry Crews Gives the Monologue of a Lifetime in Crackdown 3 Exclusive

Terry Crews Slaps the E3 Audience in They God-Danged Mouths for Crackdown 3 Trailer

Terry Crews really hands this audience their collective turkey dinner in the new Crackdown 3 E3 trailer. Crews plays the character of Commander Jaxon and delivers a raw, powerful monologue to get the audience hyped up that they’ve just joined the Agency and they are gods now:

“Forget dropping bombs – you’re dropping buildings!”

Nice scriptwriting, young film grad! The interstitial cuts show off the gameplay footage, but looks like we’re still collecting orbs of various colors and we’re running around the same cold steel city with the same backdrop. A couple quick shots showcases some new guns and a sharper cell-shaded look to the game, which is a nice addition. Baddies are the same as in Crackdown 2, with a little less goo monsters and more of the classic ambiguous evil corporation PMCs. Look, we’ve seen this before.

Terry Crews Crackdown 3 E3
Look at him really hand it to them.

BUT TERRY CREWS IS MASTERFUL. “They killed the power around the world!” The stakes could not be higher.

Crackdown 3 is a testbed for Cloud computing. As Phil Spencer told Kotaku in 2014: “We’ve been working on is this capability of actually computing [in the cloud] the physics calculation of millions and millions of particles that would fall and then just having the local box [the player’s console] get the positional data and the render, so, ‘Okay I need to render this piece at this particular location. I don’t know why.’ The local box doesn’t know why it’s going to be at this location or where it’s going to be in the next frame. That’s all held in the Cloud. You have this going back and forth between the two.”

Three years later, and we have our product: Terry Crews. They were waiting to perfect Terry Crews before releasing him to the public. Now that he’s free to roam, he is raw, he is powerful, and he is a ‘roided-out superhuman that can leap buildings in a single bound – but only if he gets enough orbs.

View the E3 trailer and look upon his works, ye mighty, and despair!