The 8 Most Disappointing Games of 2019 so far…

8 Most Disappointing Games of 2019 so far…

If I asked you right now to tell me what games you are most excited for this year, no doubt you could rattle off a list of some truly amazing titles in a heartbeat. 2019 is looking phenomenal for the gaming industry with some truly monumental titles on the way in the new year. Of course, we felt the same thing last year coming into 2019 and we, unfortunately, were met with more than a few disappointments. What we have here for you today are the eight most disappointing games this year… so far. Now, this doesn’t mean they are all terrible games, simply that they were unable to live up to their expectations and managed to fall flat in one way or another. Enjoy!

8. Days Gone

We might get a little flak for this one, but the truth is Days Gone had a monumental build-up of hype with its stealth mechanics and an overwhelming horde of mutated monstrosities. The game launched, people enjoyed it and… now what? No one is really talking about it anymore – whether that is for better or worse. PlayStation exclusives like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn stayed at the forefront of our minds for quite a long time – and God of War still remains there as a pinnacle of gaming. Unfortunately, for as well received as Days Gone has been it fizzled out pretty quickly and could not live up to its own hype.

7. Far Cry New Dawn

New Dawn was a special situation in which an idea for a DLC bloomed into a full-blown game. Granted it was a bite-sized version of Hope County (which made sense with the narrative) and introduced a few new survival mechanics, but we were greatly misled by the promotional trailers promising all new weapons and deep customization options when the original game allowed for much greater versatility and customization by far. New Dawn had an interesting narrative and beautiful scenery, but in the end, we could tell this was a DLC hyped and pushed as a full-blown game while offering us less than we deserved.