Far Cry New Dawn: Epic Expedition and Manic Monstrous Hunts Gameplay Videos

Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay: Expedition and Monstrous Hunts

Far Cry New Dawn offers up new content in the wake of the beautiful apocalypse that has plagued Hope County and indeed the entire United States. With salvage and scavenging a way of life, it can be easy to forget to take the time and do something fun for yourself. Far Cry New Dawn offers a few new escapes to forget the monotony of digging through the trash in the hopes of funding some functional scraps, namely expeditions and hunting. Expeditions are the opportunity to fly to new, remote locations across America to try and steal necessary supplies from the Highwaymen in intense, stealth based missions. Sound like fun? Check out our tour of the theme park down on the Bayou below.

And if that isn’t quite your cup of tea (or beer) and you happen to be the more patient type, there is always the opportunity to hunt monstrous animals! These beasts are the top of the food chain, mutated and altered from the radioactive fallout of the bombs to have stone-like skin and a glowing weakspot that happens to spew fire when hit. These animals are violent, strong, and incredibly tough to take down, so if you decided to set out into the woods to find one you better be prepared. Check out this video below as we take on not only a monstrous bison, but a monstrous cougar as well.

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