Crackdown 3 Video Review – Collecting Obs Only Takes You So Far

Crackdown 3 Video Review

The long wait preceding Xbox-exclusive Crackdown 3 left us with one major question after our time with the game: Was all that waiting worth it? While Crackdown 3 features a colorful world, loads of freedom and even Terry Crews, there’s still a sense of monotony and lack of innovation that keeps the game from living up to its full potential. To see our full thoughts on the game, check out our Crackdown 3 Video Review below.

Crackdown 3 is set in a fictional city called New Providence — a place constructed by the TerraNova Corporation in order to control the amount of refugees displaced after a series of blackout attacks. It’s our job to overthrow the corporation however we choose on a map that is completely open from the start. The game has one of the most satisfying progression systems we’ve ever seen, with explosives, agility, firearms and driving skills all improving as you use them. Weapons can also be discovered around the city, giving a fun incentive to explore the city and change your loadouts often.

There are certainly fun elements of Crackdown 3, but for the most part, the game feels a bit dated. The graphics are crystal clear, but the city is lifeless and there is no depth or interactions with the NPCs. It’s fun to jump around and destroy things while playing as Terry Crews, but the objectives feel meaningless and the combat gets redundant very quickly. Simply put, this is not a follow-up we would expect after the series’ twelve-year history. Rather, it’s a game that could barely even hold up to the open world games from over a decade ago such as Infamous, Borderlands and Prototype. While we wouldn’t call this a bad game and we did have plenty of fun moments in our time with it, Crackdown 3 unfortunately fails to be memorable in today’s sea of fantastic games.

Crackdown 3

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