5 Things to Do in Far Cry New Dawn Other Than the Main Story

5 Things to Do in Far Cry New Dawn Other Than the Main

Far Cry New Dawn is here, and it’s up to you to help the people of Prosperity live out their lives without the oppression of the Highwaymen. The new world may be beautiful, but it is also littered with dangers. Every moment, every action is a struggle to survive in the harsh yet enchanting wasteland. While the Highwaymen may be ever-present through-out Hope County – and indeed North America as a whole – that doesn’t mean you have to run at them head-on. Sometimes it’s nice to find a constructive distraction, a way of taking your mind off of the overwhelming chaos and glib possibility of no longer existing. Not quite sure what we mean? Check out our list of the top five things you can do in Far Cry New Dawn other than the main story.

Far Cry New Dawn takes place seventeen years after the climactic events of Far Cry 5. You’ll take on the role of head of security for a traveling band of survival experts and specialists who have come to Hope County to help the people of Prosperity rebuild. The game features a few new light-RPG elements as well as new activities and a strong reliance on scavenging parts to survive. While the game has proven enjoyable – particularly for fans of Far Cry 5 – its lack of content is only acceptable due to the game’s cheaper launch price. Far Cry New Dawn is a good game for what it is, but it could have been something more.

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