Anthem Video Review – Fingers Crossed This Gets Better

Anthem Video Review

On Friday, BioWare officially launched Anthem and overall reviews have been lacklustre at best. It hasn’t been the smoothest of launches for mega-publisher EA but there are signs things can get better. BioWare has the resources and talent to flood the game the quality content over the next year. So we are hopeful things can improve. We’ve been playing the game for the past week. Check out our video review:

In Anthem players take on the role of Freelancers, and will work together to unleash their power with special abilities and coordinated teamwork, utilizing each javelin’s unique strengths to build a kickass team. Anthem also delivers unique characters and deep lore that allows players to immerse themselves in the world and embrace its mysteries, as well as regular new content that will change the world and keep the experience fresh and new. In the game, players will square off against the nefarious Monitor, the leader of the militaristic Dominion who seeks to bend the very powers of creation and destruction to his will. The Freelancers must thwart the Monitor’s schemes to control the Anthem of Creation, or else he could tear the entire world apart and plunge the planet into ultimate chaos.

Launch is just the beginning for Anthem, as the game will continue to grow and evolve through free live service content updates. Over the next 90 days alone the game will deliver new missions, new rewards, a new stronghold and more. Perhaps the most noteworthy inclusion will be the introduction of the first Cataclysm, a world-changing event that will bring with it an entirely new experience. During the course of the game’s life new stories, characters and villains will emerge and players will be treated to ongoing excitement and conflicts.


Our man, Scotty had this to say in his review: “Despite Anthem’s very noticeable hiccups, there’s enough of a solid groundwork here that I think Anthem can be built off of into something unique. Sadly, it falls into the same shortcomings as its predecessors, featuring a minimal endgame and some almost obtuse design choices. Anthem has a solid foundation that doesn’t have much built off of it, but hopefully, BioWare can build this title into something with a bit more substance. It’s disappointing as it feels like they were handed a golden opportunity to basically do the opposite of Bungie, but we will have to wait and see if this title will live up to expectations, or more realistically, just be better than it is now. Under this pretty coat of paint lies one mediocre game that is ultimately disappointing.”

Anthem is developed by BioWare and is available now for Xbox One, Origin on PC and PlayStation 4.