Days Gone Video Review – Wild, Untamed and Stunning

Days Gone Video Review

The zombie craze has become an over-saturated market. If you name it there is probably a zombie version of it somewhere out there and that makes it much more difficult to find a way to make it unique and exciting again. Days Gone doesn’t break the mold when it comes to zombies, but it does something unique with them in the field of gaming that we haven’t seen before. Providing an open world that requires careful consideration at every turn and an unstoppable swarm of freakers that can – at best – be slowed temporarily while you escape. It’s a game of nuance that can pack a punch as you learn about Deacon St. John and his journey through what remains of the world. Curious what that might entail? Check out our video review below.

Set some time after an apocalyptic pandemic has ravaged the population, Days Gone is an open world third person game about survival and strategy, as each mission requires careful planning if you hope to come out of it alive. The freaker hordes are terrifying to witness in action and one of the few seemingly unstoppable forces in gaming. Days Gone features a dynamic weather cycle that can affect the freakers as well as how your bike will handle when traveling. Shooting feels intentionally sluggish to dissuade players from predominantly taking that approach – not to mention the scarcity of bullets in the first place. It’s a competent and enjoyable experience worth delving into, especially if you need something a little different from your typical zombie motif.

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