The 8 Most Disappointing Games of 2019 so far…

3. Kingdom Hearts 3

Are those pitchforks and torches I hear? Listen, mechanically, aesthetically, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a powerhouse. It’s full of whimsy and delight and it wraps up a series that has been running far longer than you probably realize. But remember, this isn’t a list of BAD games, this is a list of disappointing games. The hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 reached insane heights. Last year at E3 it was showcased at SEVERAL conferences because they knew it was what the people wanted. The build-up was epic and there was absolutely no way that the game was going to be able to deliver, which unfortunately was the case as many fans felt the game ended on a rather “meh” note. Kingdom Hearts 3 earns its place on this list because of how incredibly disappointing it was based entirely on the oversaturation of its hype.

2. Crackdown 3

Explosions! Mayhem! Kablamo! The hype for Crackdown 3 was something of a legend. It was a game whispered on wishlists for years until, after several delays, it finally came to fruition! Longtime fans popped that bad-boy into their Xbox and started collecting glowy orbs like crazy! So what else is there to do?… Crackdown 3 doubled-down on its explosive nature in lieu of things like content, narrative, or… you know… substance. The graphics seemed like they came directly from the 360 eras and it banked so heavily on the nostalgia of “remember how great the last game was?!” that it forgot to BE a great game itself. When Xbox gamers needed a win with a new exclusive title, Crackdown 3 was not what all it was cracked up to be.

1. Anthem

Could it be anything else? I will start out by saying that I still do enjoy playing Anthem, but ever since launch it has been problem after problem after problem. Fans demanded refunds, they screamed to pull the game and give it more time on the development floor, and they sharpened their digital pitchforks and rushed to the comments sections and Reddit threads. A game with a large, alien open-world, hidden areas and incredible heights, your own customizable Iron-Man-like suit, and playing co-op with your friends to take down baddies. Could it get any better? Not really, but that isn’t quite what we got either is it? Rubber banding, a basic narrative, a criminally mismanaged store for gear, and quite a number of promises simply NOT kept have been a huge problem for the game, not to mention the promise of a future-content roadmap that they have struggled to try and get pushed out the door. Anthem is by far the game with the greatest potential that simply couldn’t meet not only the hype, not only the expectations but the promises it set out since its initial announcement.


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