In Less than 24 Hours, Jump Force Will Be Removed from Digital Stores

Jump Force Shuts its Doors Forever

When Jump Force was first revealed, its concept had people enthralled. When it came out, that enthusiasm… dwindled. The game never quite reached the numbers that Bandai Namco really wanted, and with so many licensed characters in the mix, it proved to be a heavy strain on their bottom line. After giving fans a one-year-notice that left many pining for better days, Jump Force is being removed from online storefronts. Servers are being shut down. Single-player modes will remain playable, but the game will be a hollow version of its former self. If you still want to pick up the game, time is running short – you have less than twenty-four hours.

It’s not like they didn’t try to save the project. The game went through the usual cycles of post-launch fighting game content, adding new characters from YuGiOh and JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, but evidently it was just too little too late.

Interestingly, the game didn’t receive any discounts during these last few hours of sale. It’s a point that many players took note of, and were equally surprised by. There was a discount a few weeks ago, but many found it strange that those sales didn’t apply when the game would have the most eyes.

What do you think? If you haven’t picked up the game yet, will you be doing so now? If you have, what are your thoughts on the title? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!