Tekken 8 Surpasses Two Million Copies Sold

Celebrating Milestones in the Tekken Franchise

Publisher Bandai Namco proudly announces that Tekken 8 has achieved remarkable sales figures, surpassing two million copies sold within its first month of release. Launched on January 26 across multiple platforms including PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S, the game’s rapid success underscores its widespread appeal among fighting game enthusiasts worldwide.

Tekken 8’s stellar performance demonstrates a significant milestone in the franchise’s history, with the game achieving one million sales on its debut day alone, a feat that “greatly outpaces” the sales trajectory of its predecessor, Tekken 7. Notably, Tekken 7 retains its status as the series’ highest-selling installment, boasting over 11.8 million copies sold globally.

The game’s sales velocity parallels that of its rivals in the fighting game genre, with Tekken 8 achieving a similar pace to Street Fighter 6, which also reached the two million copies milestone within its first month. Notably, the game’s continued success aligns with the trajectory of NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 1, which achieved three million copies sold in just over a month.

Bandai Namco reaffirms its commitment to supporting Tekken 8 through ongoing content updates, esports initiatives, and licensing announcements, ensuring a vibrant and engaging experience for players. The forthcoming Tekken World Tour 2024 promises to elevate the game’s competitive scene, culminating in the highly anticipated Tekken World Tour Finals.

Despite its resounding success, the game has faced scrutiny over its controversial Tekken Shop, which offers customization items and character skins. Bandai Namco addresses player concerns while emphasizing the shop’s role in providing players with diverse customization options and collaboration-themed content.

Looking ahead, the Year 1 pass is poised to introduce four additional playable characters as DLC, with Eddy leading the charge. Sporting new visual enhancements and retaining his iconic capoeira fighting style, Eddy’s inclusion signifies ongoing innovation and expansion within the Tekken universe, further solidifying the game’s status as a cornerstone of the fighting game genre.