Update Adds Maps and Raises Rank in Battlefield V

Career Rank Raised to 500 and Two New Maps Added in Battlefield V Update

Battlefield V update 4.4 just released, coming with an assortment of balances and bug fixes as well as two new maps and a boost to max career rank from 50 to 500. Update 4.4 is a hefty install of 22GB on PC and slightly less on Xbox One and PS4 at 16GB. Lofoten Islands and Provence are the two new maps available in Squad Conquest and Team Death Match. Update 4.4 is known as Chapter 4: Defying the Odds and it focuses on intense, close-quarters action and it’s available now on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Battlefield V

In addition to the new maps being available in Squad Conquest, Mercury is also being made available to the game mode in chapter 4 and some minor fixes were made to the map to make the combat more seamless. Two new weapons were added with the update during the next two weeks of Tides of War: the Panzerbusche 39 and the Breda M1935 PG. Several bugs were fixed in update 4.4 from windows players can’t climb through to ammo counters not being visible. Several tweaks were also made to explosives and other grenades, the recoil on SMG’s was adjusted and so was the damage of sniper rifles. SMG’s receive the most changes, specifically in the specializations which gamers may need to adjust before dropping into a firefight.

Gamers excited about update 4.4 should keep an eye out for the Battlefield V version of the classic Metro map releasing in update 4.6 which will apparently arrive later this month. We’re thankful for the changes made to the parachute in Update 4.4 as it prevents a lot of unnecessary falling deaths that were unavoidable earlier.

What’s your favorite game mode in Battlefield V and why? Are you excited to get up close and personal with Chapter 4: Defying the Odds? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech