Battlefield 5 Shows Off New Maps and Also Teases the Pacific Theater

Fight’n Round the World

Last week Battlefield 5 unveiled Operation Mercury. This gave players an all-new map that takes place on the Greek island of Crete. The slow release of maps was concerning a large segment of the Battlefield community. However, Dice has just put those worries to bed. A trailer titled Chapter 4: Defying the Odds has just dropped detailing what is to come next.

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The trailer shows us four new maps. The first is Provence, a small village in Nazi-occupied France.¬† This map seems as though it will focus more on infantry combat in closed and confined spaces. Tight alleys and claustrophobic buildings dominate this map. So don’t expect to be fighting at long range.

Secondly, is Lofoten Islands. This map takes place on an archipelago in Norway. This seems to offer a balance of open and tight areas to fight in. Being surrounded by water it would seem as though naval vehicles will play a large role, but we did not see any in the trailer.

Next is the map Marita. This is one of the larger maps coming out. The players will be fighting over a small Greek town surrounded by a healthy amount of countryside. Expect the open areas to be dominated by vehicles while infantry clashes in the town itself.

The last of the four is Al-Sundan. This takes place in the North African theater. This map is very big and very open. There are of course places for foot soldiers to go and fight, but this map is vehicle heavy and is designed for the 64 player mayhem that this series is known for.

But Wait There’s More!

Additionally, there will be another map being released in October of this year. The fan favorite from Battlefield 3, Operation Metro will be reimagined for Battlefield 1. Called Operation Underground, this map will bring back the total chaos that Operation Metro was famous for.

A move to the Pacific theater was, of course, teased too. The trailer ends with a Japanese soldier looking out on to a beachhead. This scenic view is then abruptly interrupted by an American soldier and the butt of his rifle. So expect to see Maps like Iwo Jima or Okinawa in the near future.

Marita and Al-Sundan with come out on June 27th. Provence and Lofoten Islands will then be released in August.