Call of Duty Modern Warfare Will Make You Cry

Play With Tissues Close By Just In Case

Infinity Ward has not held back on its playtesters or to the people who have seen sneak peeks of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so far. A few days ago people who were invited to a private screen of Modern Warfare were blown away by the gratuitous violence that was on display. A Twitter user described it as making the infamous “No Russian” level look like a Pixar movie. So it may not come as a huge shock that the game has actually made its playtesters cry.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trailer

Infinity Ward has crafted an incredibly visceral and gritty game. There is one level that heavily involves child soldiers for instance. So, have fun with that one. Jacob Minkoff, the campaign director is the one who made this announcement. We don’t know what they were crying about exactly. It could be because of the child soldier level or something else in the campaign that we don’t know about. So it is possible that the game could be even more dark and intense than we are being led on to believe.

Whatever Infinity Ward is doing, it is working. Creating controversy and hype is a sure thing to generate press coverage and high sales. It is refreshing that Call of Duty seems to be genuinely invested in portraying an interesting and engaging story on screen. The only thing that would be disappointing would be if the game was just there to simply shock people and not deliver anything of substance.

However, that being said, from the reactions that we have seen from both playtesters and people who have seen the game first hand, it doesn’t seem likely that these very mature moments will be there as a cheap trick.

What do you think? Can a game go too far? Or are you happy that Call of Duty will be telling a very dark and adult story? Be sure to let us know on Instagram and Twitter as well as in the comments below.