New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Supposedly Grittier Than Even

A Return to the Roots Also Means a Much Darker Game

The new Modern Warfare installment is going to be focusing heavily on what made Call of Duty such a great franchise. The game is expected to return to the grit and dark demeanor of Call of Duty 4 and World at War. Both of these games were a very vivid and unapologetic depiction of war. Realistic or not, the scenes and images depicted in older Call of Duty games relied on immersing the playing in the narrative, environment, and characters. In recent titles, it seems as though every mission is an over the top action adventure. Explosions and ridiculous set pieces are present constantly which tends to take away from the experience altogether.

However, there is good news. Sort of.

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A YouTuber by the name of Drift0r has stated that was he has seen of the game so far make the infamous “No Russian” level look like a Pixar Movie. For those who have forgotten or perhaps repressed the memory altogether.  The “No Russian” level has the player take part in a terrorist attack at an airport. The mission consists of the player mowing down droves of innocent civilians. It’s quite horrific.

“No Russian” is optional and could be skipped entirely. But that did not stop Modern Warfare 2 for receiving a ton of criticism. It was a major controversy at the time and now it seems as though they are trying to top it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare supposedly has a mission featuring child soldiers. Drift0r described an obscene amount of violence that occurred in the two missions he was able to view. He believes that if the scale of violence he saw is present throughout the entirety of the game then they might have to rate it AO instead of M.