Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V Are Available Free From Prime Gaming For a Limited Time

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Fans of EA’s Battlefield franchise are in luck, particularly if they missed out on two of the series’ classic titles. Amazon is currently offering Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V free from Prime Gaming, but the offer will only be open for a limited time.

Prime Gaming is an Amazon subscription service that offers new PC games and in-game loot free for download every month. These benefits are yours to keep forever, which is even more awesome for Battlefield fans. As if that weren’t enough, this announcement also comes with a short but slick trailer showcasing exactly what Battlefield 1 has to offer.

This 25-second-long video begins with the announcement that you can get Battlefield 1 free with Prime, then immediately throws some key art at the viewer. From there, it showcases several clips of trench warfare in the rain, soldiers firing out of a movie car, and planes crashing into mountains and landmarks.

It also shows off footage of a tank in motion, a cavalry charge, and a figure in black crashing through a window into a darkened building. Then there’s a first-person shot of a player shooting at an enemy in a lush jungle environment, complete with ruins of some ancient building–not that those ruins provide much cover, as they aren’t tanking the bullets very well.

Next is a closeup of a helmeted face, what appears to be the side of a moving train, and a group of soldiers hastily re-loading against a fence before charging back into the fray. The video ends with what seems to be a shot of a spaceship before concluding with an invitation for the viewer to start claiming these titles today with Prime Gaming.

Well, that was an action-packed thrill ride from start to finish, and it certainly gives anyone who’s wanted to try Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V but hasn’t because of the cost an excuse to dip their toe in. To warfare… hm, maybe that wasn’t the best metaphor we could’ve picked. At any rate, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V are now available for free with Prime Gaming, and that’s pretty awesome.

battlefield v

Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V are currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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